Right Now It’s Girls’ Generation EP 01[2010.04.10]

Published on April 10, 2010 by Nicehost


Project 417! This is a new show that primarily consists of BTS (behind the scenes) clips, which is actually more awesome than it might sound, since it means that SNSD are at their dorky best biggrin.gif The first half of this episode focuses on the filming of the Run Devil Run MV, and the second half is a mix of BTS for various CFs from 2007 and 2008, including Elite Uniform, Goobne Chicken, Nexon Bubble Fighter, and Dungeon & Fighter.
There’s a couple featured in this show who also serve as narrators, the premise being that the guy is a SNSD fan and the girl… isn’t. One of the common gripes was that viewers found them annoying, and I can see why, but I think it’s actually quite an accurate representation of such couples tongue.gif

This show is definitely one that both old and new SNSD fans alike should watch. There are 4 episodes to this show, and the rest of them will be subbed soon. Pink subs ftw~


Translator: Hyunjin808
Timer: &patty
Screentext: Jenny ?
Editor: Engel
Encoder: cedge

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  • Flipsxz 7 years ago

    Hi timetales,Thanks a lot for the input. From your days sernvig in Korea, and based on the photos on your blog, I’d say some things have certainly changed (e.g. technology, presentation, etc), but some things remain the same. Thanks very much for sharing.


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