Channel SNSD EP 07 [2015.09.01]

Published on February 28, 2016 by Nicehost


Project 694! ​We’re off to finish February with a bang. The girls conclude their New York story and we’re back to the land of, pretty Kpop boys and girls (Korea obviously). Yoona is going to cook, good or bad I’ll let you decide. Taeyeon goes insane… Okay, she didn’t really. She’s on a journey, in a Mini Cooper that isn’t hers, and going to do, Taeyeon-like stuff. You’ll know when you watch. I’m not really sure how to describe what Sooyoung is doing, I mean there are lots of clothes and some cameras, so hmm. Then there’s Sunny, busting all biological and biochemistry facts with her amazing ability to drink. Or well, Sunny’s prolly over the BAC limit now, but she ain’t driving it’s all good! Enjoy! Be sure to check out for more exciting news and streams of Pink Subs goodies. As always, enjoy.

Translations: Onikerubin
Timing: chewie.mushroom, moonrise31
Screentext: chewie.mushroom, moonrise31
Spot Translations: Onikerubin
Editing: moonrise31
Encoding: Jimmy6

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  • Intan Oktaviani 4 years ago

    You can try download from here since Soshified videos cant play anymore. I hope they have the backups and will upload it again…

  • suzu 4 years ago

    I think this video is not available, reupload please?

  • Heidi 7 years ago

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  • Pepppp 8 years ago

    still waiting for episode 8. 🙁 and episode 4 is missing, cant find it in Channel Soshi tag.

  • sunbun 8 years ago

    the team’s subs are so well done they’re worth the wait, thank you!!

  • KTY_ss 8 years ago

    it has been 3 months since this episode. when are your team gonna upload the last episode? :/ i dont want to watch from other subs channel than Soshi official subs.

  • YeonYeon22 8 years ago

    hello. may i ask will you eng sub the MTV mashup 2015 ?

  • TaeFany99 8 years ago

    hey..i’m just wondering when will you guys releasing ch snsd ep 8…and why i can’t find the taetiseo and daily taeng9cam on soshsisubs?


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