MBC FM4U Sunny FM Date [2015.07.11]

Published on October 29, 2015 by Nicehost


Project 691! We’re a little overdue, but our favorite 155cm DJ is back with her Soshi members as guest. Can’t imagine the awkwardness of bringing your fellow members to work, and trying to be professional with them… haha, right ‘professional’ and ‘awkward’. Okay all kidding aside, it’s Sunny doing her radio job; asking the questions, addressing fans and giving you the scoop! Enjoy! Be sure to check out Soshisubs.com for more exciting news and streams of Pink Subs goodies. As always, enjoy.


Translations: SonexStella
Timing: anye, chewie.mushroom, Oh_mes, pamdiana12
Spots: SonexStella
Editing: moonrise31
Quality Control: moonrise31
Encoding: Jimmy6

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  • SunnyBunny 7 years ago

    could you please subbing Cheonhajangsa as well.. really want to watch it with eng sub..Please,please…

  • Bleh 8 years ago


  • Reny 8 years ago

    thank you so much <3 for subbing this!

  • Sone 9 years ago

    this is probably too early to ask, but since nov 15 is sunny last fm date, can you guys sub that as well?


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