Girls’ Generation Debut 9th Anniversary Message

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Published on August 4, 2016 by Nicehost

Catch the english translations of SNSD’s thank you message for all Sone!!!

Much love!

*all subtitles are on video overlay so please don’t forget to turn on the captions!


Credits to:

Official video by SM Entertainment
Translations: StellaxSone
Timing: MiriaJiyuu

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  • Danna 7 years ago

    I’m loving every bit of this video!! So full of love and appreciation! I LOVE YOU TOO MY GIRLS, MY ANGELS, MY SUNSHINE! MY SNSD!! <3 <3
    SoShi is the BEST!!

    Thanks soshified for subbing and sharing! mwah~!

  • anna 8 years ago


  • TQSM 8 years ago

    please bring back the list of variety shows in alphabetical order. its more friendly and now im having difficulties to play the video because even if i choose the title sometimes it wont come up and im stuck at your main page.even if i click all variety shows or any title it still stuck at the home page. pls pls change back.tqsm\\

  • Tipco09 8 years ago

    I may like a lot of artists but I love only you, SNSD. Let’s go on together until time stops for us.

  • PrincessDarylle 8 years ago

    Happy 9th to all of us!
    “This is how I love you.”
    “We’ll be together until forever.”
    (lines from the debut song)
    #ot9forever #GG #proudsone

  • kpopvipbtsar 8 years ago

    Happy 9th annivesary to Goddess Yoona and her group.
    i wish all the best.


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