PKL’s Wonderful Outing [2007.11.23]

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Published on November 23, 2007 by Nicehost


Project 128! I know a lot of you guys might be going “wthoot, I thought we were on project 503…” well we realized after going back and looking at our projects that we were missing a project between 127 and 129. So we decided it would only be right and go back and sub something to fill the missing void. We decided to take on a project that we never had a chance to sub because Soshified/Soshi Subs are founded after this date. This was one of the first variety appearances for our girls and now that we look back and watch it you can see how much our girls have been able to improve their skills from rookies to being the best in the industry now! A lot of fun things happen in this episode and a lot of our girls’ famous jokes from when they first started are mentioned and started with this appearance. My favorite part was personally when Jessica called Hyori on the show because I’ve never seen someone fangirl so much over another female celebrity on a show. Sadly, because of ‘Unstoppable Marriage’ filming, Yuri & Sooyoung were unable to film but they gave PKL a nice little surprise in the episode ^^ Hopefully we can backtrack and sub more shows of the Girls that we were unable to in the past! We’re always up for recommendations on what we should sub next so don’t hesitate and let us know what you want to watch^^ Pink Subs~ Remember to leave thanks!

– Soy

Translator: jreddevil07
Timer: xxLove812
Editors: Soy, Young Buck
Encoder: Young Buck

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