MTV Girls on Top 2 EP 11 (Yoona) [2010.01.16]

Published on January 16, 2010 by Nicehost


Project 370! The 2nd half of Yoona’s interview covers SNSD’s breakthrough with Gee and Genie, as well as her thoughts on Cinderella Man, being cast for CFs and the run of guys proclaiming her as their ideal type. Enjoy all you Yoonaddicts!

– kiseki

Translator: kkbluvv
Timer: &patty
Editor: tonypizzle
Encoder: kiseki

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  • Darence 7 years ago

    Suggestions? Be careful with the sexy lingerie AND stopping breast feeding at the same time. Make sure you either WANT more kids or are taking other precautions to NOT have other kids at the same time. I speak from ex.crieneep..


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