Miraculous Victory And Defeat [2007.12.09]

Published on December 9, 2007 by Nicehost


Haha, an older MVAD with Yoona and Tiffany as well as Seung Ri and G Dragon of Big Bang. Quite funny and YoonFany are just darling together, also contains RiFany! Yoona is great at the games and Fany is really really flexible, the MC’s are as funny as ever, so don’t miss this MVAD.

– Pheebe

Translator : s2_qlcsk
Editor : ak6c/Soy
Timer : __`b4by
Encoder : Pheebo

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  • Diane 9 years ago

    hey pls sub the epidose 8 of Miraculous Victory and Defeat in which Yoona and Gdragon was there. it was on 2008 they were in the pool. PLEASE 🙁

    • Nicehost 9 years ago

      Hi! I believe that was subbed already but it’s currently in the forums (you can check it out there) or you can wait for us to make it available for stream.


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