MTV SNSD EP 04 (Seohyun) [2007.10.11]

Published on October 11, 2007 by bhost909


These all belong in the classic section for the girls, if you’re a new OR old SNSD fan, these are episodes you must watch! We get to see old clips of the girls being dorks, see more about them and really see how far they’ve come.


Translators: kxjenn, blingbling9, cathode, kkbluvv, Xeth, dongie, Definition & kimmon
Timers: Kanki, Diem-vy, lai., jdong, xxLove812, TheFly & &patty
Spot Translators: cathode, jreddevil07 & Kanki
Editors: sAxy, Super Blue, renesis, mannie, minjoo, xliSh, boxclub & TheFly
Encoders: Young Buck, renesis & myst

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