Factory Girl EP 03 [2008.10.22]

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Published on October 22, 2008 by Nicehost


Project 149! I know we’ve been doing a couple of projects slowly, but the only one I know that everyone wants to see released ASAP are these Factory Girl episodes, right? Good, because it’s another less than 24 release. SNSD fans really just wanted to see this with subs right? Hopefully we can keep this speed up. Remember to join the projects and support SNSD. This episode was extremely interesting and FG is starting to pick up again. It took like GGTS a couple of episodes before you really got into it, same goes for this show. Special guests on the phone include Jang Geunsuk, Kim Dongwan, Kim Shinyoung, Jeon Hyebin, Cha Taehyun and Yunho. The girls apparently have a large network of celebrity friends. Cameos in the episode include Alex, Oh Jiho, & Nam Gyuri with her little Yulsic moment. The next episode should be as good if not better because we actually see the girls in the club. The makeup and bar portion made this episode interesting though. Honestly, have you seen another subbing squad this quick? Pink Subs Ftw~

– Soy

Translator: FanyLove & boxclub
Editor: Soy
Timer: Kanki, Soy, & __`b4by
Encoder: renesis

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