Wonderful Outing 2 EP 02 [2008.04.12]

Published on April 12, 2008 by Nicehost


Project 81! Big props to for the team for this super fast release. Amy, Sonny, Sherry, & Drew all worked uber hard to get this to your folks, so make sure you shower them with tons of thanks. I suggest not watching this episode at night, cause it gets kind of freaky, even though the girls are fun to watch, the horror video clips might scare some people. The new intro for the show looks hecka cute though. Enjoy! Pink Subs FTW

– Soy

Translators : S0nnyS1d3Up & boxclub
Editor: Soy
Timers: kayaro & Soy & drewstersupreme
Encoder: slyph

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