PKL’s Wonderful Outing [2008.01.12]

Published on January 12, 2008 by Nicehost


Our third subbing project. Hope you guys enjoy our girls, being themselves. We are in the process of subbing the first PKL too, so expect it out next week. We want to thank everyone that has been supporting/commenting us, it makes us want to sub and work harder. expect to open in a couple of days, and you can download the videos as well

– Soy

Translator : Soy/Haemin
Editor : Soy
Timer : &MiCHELLe/Soy
Encoder : &MiCHELLe

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  • morene 5 years ago

    the subs are incomplete and I can’t find a single subbed version of this subbed by someone else ;(

  • morene 5 years ago

    why are the subs like that?

  • Just An OT9 SONE💞 6 years ago

    Lack of Eng. subs made it hard to understand :/ but thx anyways


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