Factory Girl EP 08 [2008.12.03]

Published on December 3, 2008 by Nicehost


Project 173! Yay another fast release~ ^^ This episode showed the conclusion of SNSD’s date interview with Choi Hyunjoon and the beginning of their new Christmas assignment: plan a Christmas party (Candy Girl team) and prepare a love proposal for an ELLEGIRL reader (Dream Girl team). The girls did a lot of shopping in this episode, which makes me wonder why there weren’t any crazy fans rushing them, because we all know Soy would ^^ Also, there’s the entrance of byuntaeng, as she finds a nice set of plastic orange boobs that she wants buy for their party decorations >__< Anyways, it's SNSD.. when are they not crazy? Hurry, download and comment! ^^;; Pink Subs FTW~ - boxclub Translator: boxclub Editor: boxclub Timers: Kanki & TheFly Encoder: renesis

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