CBS 12 Midnight [2008.04.26]

Published on April 26, 2008 by Nicehost


Project 125! Old, but I guess good enough to the put where bug translated, timed, and edited himself. BTW SORRY WE CAN’T UPLOAD THIS TO YOUTUBE BECAUSE THE OWNER OF THE VIDEO REQUESTED THAT IT NOT BE POSTED ON UCCs. Omg, so I just watched this, and the presenter was kind of like wtf at one point haha because she said Sooyoung was her favorite, but like Tiffany’s random answer about Sooyoung getting married first made my day, you could see how confused everyone was, Taeng was laughing her butt off, and Yuri was just trying to help Tiffany understand that wasn’t the question, but great save by Sooyoung. Enjoy, Pink Subs FTW~

Translator: bug
Editor: bug
Timers : bug
Encoder: renesis

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  • Corinne 7 years ago

    Just a heads up both of these links don’t work on Apple products.


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