Taeyeon’s Chinchin Radio (SNSD) [2010.02.05]

Published on February 5, 2010 by bhost909


Radios always reveal a ton of stuff that you can’t get anywhere else and this radio was the first one for their Oh! comeback. Park Kyunglim (I mean Taeyeon) was sick at the time and did her best to DJ along with K.Will. They talked about working on the album despite their busy schedules, the meaning of the numbers on their clothes and their favorite songs on it. You can’t forget Hyoyeon messing up the lyrics while filling in for Sooyoung, bug catching soshi, pranking Jessica at her musical and Taeyeon’s habit of sleeping with her eyes open! Don’t miss it


Translator: kpxsammyboy & taengbear
Timer: soshi_tae
Spot Translator: Hyunjin808
Editor: tonypizzle
Encoder: kiseki

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