Sweet Sorrow’s Ten Ten Club Radio [2009.07.06]

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Published on October 14, 2015 by Nicehost


Project 272! A lot of Korean fans (majority at least) agreed that this was perhaps rofl SNSD’s worst radio of all time. Luckily for you, joe agreed and made a custom video cut of the memorable moments from the radio, unfortunately it was only 8 minutes, but it was the best minutes compared to the other hour and half of the boring radio show. Hopefully you guys enjoy. I thought the cut was absolutely hilarious. Hyoyeon + Blunt Jessica (gah that long hair is really hot) win it all for me. Pink Subs FTW!

– Soy

Translator: bug
Editor: Soy
Timer: bug
Encoder: renesis

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  • Hur 8 years ago

    I miss Jessica


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