Star Watch 24 (Tiffany) [2008.01.18]

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Published on January 18, 2008 by Nicehost


Project 268! Our new release is actually an old show. We decided to sub this because haha with the girls’ comeback (once again) re-approaching, I’m spotting a lot of new fans that probably weren’t around when these shows aired, so here’s your chance to watch them with subs. We’re trying to find goodies from the past that Soshified never subbed before (which is actually harder than you think) and sub them for you guys to enjoy. This is actually one of my all-time favorite Tiffany interviews because every time she talks about her group members there’s this special glow about her. It’s very sincere and sweet. Just a reminder hahaha this Tiffany with short hair is much different than the new Genie short hair Tiffany but still as lovable! Enjoy! Pink Subs FTW!

– Soy

Translator: k_Taevid
Timers: Diem-vy & nary
Editor: mannie
Spot Translators: Xeth & cathode
Encoder: Young Buck

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