SNSD’s Romantic Fantasy [2013.01.01]

Published on September 18, 2015 by Nicehost


Project 624! We bring you SoShi’s comeback special, Romantic Fantasy! We’ve decided to keep the performances while subbing the talking bits in between some of the songs~ In those cuts, we get to see the girls acting like their dorky selves while they talk about how they felt about when Dancing Queen was canceled, talk about their and the crowd’s wishes for the 2013 year, act cute, talk about pet names and ideal types, the girls’ solo performances, who they think will get married first between the nine of them and when, and how they feel about their comeback stage.

Pink subs ftw~

– Tellerius

Translators: Meehyun, dongie
Spot Translator: minigiglo
Timer: hangthienbao
Screentext: Crossed
Editor: sarahbot
Encoder: Tellerius

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  • cess 6 years ago

    I cant watch it now why??..

  • ellamay 7 years ago

    I already watched this. But how can I download this one? Can I? Thank you.

    • Intan Oktaviani Choirunnisa 6 years ago

      install internet download manager on your P, then you can download it


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