SNSD Interview [2007.11.19]

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Published on November 19, 2007 by Nicehost


Project 113! Back before Kissing You, back before You Are My Destiny, back before Nexon & Anycall, SNSD was just a new and ambitious group with oversized sweaters trying to promote their love and passion for music. This is an extremely old interview of the girls, but totally worth watching, the girls have grown so much over the past year, and it’s just great to say that we’ve been with them. It’s almost their first year anniversary, hopefully we can continue to cherish old and new SoShi moments from the past and in the future. Right Now, It’s SNSD! Pink Subs FTW~

– Soy

Translator: minjeong
Editor: Soy
Timer: kirra12
Encoder: renesis

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