SBS Shin Dongyup’s 300 EP 19 (Sooyoung Cut) [2010.03.14]

Published on September 30, 2015 by Nicehost


Project 524! We’re going to be releasing a bunch of older videos soon, and this short cut of Sooyoung’s appearance on Shin Dongyup’s 300 a while back is just the first of them. She’s really cute in this, and you can get to see her thoughts on certain topics about celebrity world and her school life! Enjoy, and pink subs (plus awesome ST) ftw~

– soshiluv9

Translator: cucluvsic
Spot Translators: jreddevil07 & gotmilk?
Timer: hangthienbao
Screentext Timer: xiswen
Editor: soshiluv9
Encoder: CodeLightning

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