Passionate Love EP 02 [2013.09.29]

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Published on October 10, 2015 by Nicehost


Project 656! Seohyun’s first ever drama appearance! ^^ Her character in this drama is Han Yurim, a veterinary science university student. Seohyun’s acting in this drama so far is very adorable. It’s a must watch for Seohyun’s fans as well as every SONE 馃檪
Seohyun only appears in 5 episodes, so we’ll try to sub her cuts as fast as we can 馃檪 We’ll update when we finish subbing Ep.03-05 cuts. For now, enjoy the Seohyun cuts subs for Ep.01 & 02. Cheers~

– hangthienbao

Translators: SNSDDani, thatssosoo
Timer: SNSDDani, pink_tokkyu
Spots Translator: thatssosoo, minigigglo
Editors: pink_tokkyu, bhost909
Encoder: hangthienbao

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