Introducing A Star’s Friend (Sooyoung) [2009.02.07]

Published on February 7, 2009 by Nicehost


Project 229! After much wait we present to you the first episode of Introducing a Star’s Friend with Sooyoung and her amazing sister Soojin. This episode was quite entertaining in my opinion. There were times where they basically had to “attack” or get help from random civilians on the street as a mission. Super funny! We also get to hear Sooyoung’s sister sing a song from The Little Mermaid! They must have singing skills in their genes~! Overall a super amusing episode with a theme of “Boys Over Flowers” if any of you guys are watching that k-drama. Some other stars in this are Big Bang’s Seungri and Daesung. Boom and Shinyoung are also in this episode, which obviously means plenty of laughs. Expect some more releases today as well! Pink subs FTW~

– Kanki

Translator: Xeth
Editor: nerog
Timers: kirra12, minjoo, Kanki, & __`b4by
Encoder: sekshi

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