MTV Class Up EP 1 [2009.02.21]

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Published on October 15, 2015 by Nicehost


Project 217! I know everyone is probably like “oh finally released…”, sorry for the wait guys, this would have been done a few days early if I didn’t get sick again because the translations were done pretty quickly and so was the timing. Anyways none the less it is now released and was very interesting to watch. The fans got to ask some questions and Kangin & Jokwon had a few good questions for the girls as well, and I love the way they answered them. And I know subbed videos are coming out slower than expected, but because of a recent departure on our team, everyone is going to have adjust back to not getting subs until like a week or so and lower your expectations for our team. Sorry guys, we’re really trying our best to catch up with everything though. Enjoy. Pink subs FTW~

– Soy

Translator: mbear
Editor: Soy
Spot Translator: cathode
Timer: Kanki
Encoder: Young Buck

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