Girls Go To School EP 09 [2007.09.21]

Published on September 21, 2007 by Nicehost


Translators : superstar., pandapuchuu, boxclub, bug, ak6c, s2_qlcsk, jstn, S0nnyS1d3Up
Editors : mannie & Soy & boxclub
Timers : Soy & lina468, kayaro, SCBet, rockdaworld05
Encoder : slyph

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  • Retno 8 years ago

    I miss the old maknae.. Our Dongseng grown up so much.. since WGM fsniih, we can see some changes about the Maknae.. ahh!!.. I misss SNSD during their debut period.. all members are sweet & innocent.. **sigh** ..


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