Family Outing EP 36 (Yoona) [2009.02.22]

Published on February 22, 2009 by Nicehost



Project 222! Ironically this project was broadcasted on 2/22. Anyways we’re really sorry that this project took so long to release, it took a lot longer than we had anticipated because of SNSD’s schedule being so packed and our subbing team being behind. The timing was what killed us the most for this show, translations were done like the day after for the whole show but overall the thing that took the longest was the timing (we need more experienced timers asap) and making everything pretty for ya’ll. Continue to support us, we’re going to hopefully release the other episode of FO by this weekend if everything wraps up as planned. I know everyone was expected a fast release for this one but it was pretty much impossible, but at least it’s not 2 weeks late. And actually releasing this kind of late, made me realize how many people were grateful for our subs … and also how many people took advantage of our team (we have lives too T-T). Pink subs FTW~

– Soy

Translators: boxclub, aseo
Editor: xliSh
Timers: xxnary072xx, Kanki, __`b4by, SlashIzzy, kirra12 & Greenbox
Spot Translator: Xeth
Encoder: Young Buck

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