Family Outing EP 13 (Taeyeon) [2008.09.14]

Published on September 14, 2008 by Nicehost



Project 129! Wow talk about a team effort, I never knew that FO was over an hour long. This is basically like the size of 4 episodes of YAMD. Crazy. Gotta give it up to our squad for being able to finish this in less than a week, we’re ready to fix a couple of kinks and hopefully we’ll bring a quicker release to you guys for the next episode. I’m really sorry that we couldn’t get this like 1-2 days like everyone expected, but wow this was a crazy experience that we had to adjust to (our timers had do a timing relay to release this; one timer timed as much as they could then posted, and next timer picks it up while 1st sleep, and so forth). Enjoy the show though, our Umma was hilarious and fit so well with the family. REMEMBER THIS IS SBS, SO WE DID NOT UPLOAD IT TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL. It’s only available for download. Enjoy, Pink Subs FTW~

– Soy

Translators: bug, wondersoshi, FanyLove, Daisy Kim, Seannn
Editor: Soy, SCBet
Timers: minjoo, Kanki, SCBet, bug
Spot Translators : bug & boxclub
Encoder: renesis

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