Come To Play SMTOWN Special EP 344 [2011.06.27]

Published on September 28, 2015 by Nicehost


Project 532! SoShi Subs brings you another great release! In this SMTOWN special, everyone talks about their experience in Paris, reactions to the fans, things lost in translation and their new names. During the X-file segment, they dish on each other during their trainee days, from the classic talent show to their impressions and expectations of each other.

In the 2nd half, we finally get to see the dance that goes along with the girls’ noraebang of DJ DOC’s “I’m This Kind of Person”, along with some other questionable “dancing” from the others. And in the final touching segment that brought everyone closer, they speak their heart on things they did not find the opportunity to say, despite being in the same company for many years. Enjoy!

– kiseki

Translators: Meehyun, oniontaker, typicalharu
Spot Translator: jreddevil07, taengbear
Timers: hangthienbao, xiswen, xxLove812
Screentext Timers: krnpoprocks, MinatoKai
Editor: iTriscuit, Rinnie
Encoder: kiseki

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  • ItsJAVA22 4 years ago

    Why are they not working?? can you please fix it!

  • Ray 4 years ago

    Are there any other working links for the come to play smtown special video? Thank you

  • Sutinan jujorn 7 years ago

    Snsd 9 forever

  • mamil 7 years ago

    Snsd 😍😍

  • Afua 9 years ago

    YAYY!! Thank you for this!! Always wanted to watch this episode subbed 😀


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