Beatles Code

The Beatles Code S1 EP 68 (SNSD) [2011.12.09]
The Beatles Code S1 EP 69 (SNSD) [2011.12.16]
The Beatles Code S2 EP 47 (Taeyeon, Tiffany, Yuri & Seohyun) [2013.02.04]
The Beatles Code S2 EP 48 (Taeyeon, Tiffany, Yuri & Seohyun) [2013.02.11]
The Beatles Code 3D (SNSD Cut) [2014.04.29]

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  • Ayesa 8 years ago

    it was a fair-sized bowl, and not a large glass. Seohyun said the members took turns puoring a drink into the bowl, which the loser had to drink (she didn’t specify what they were drinking). Apparently, the other members all decided to gang up on Seohyun and made her lose. She, at first, went into the bathroom to gather herself. She decided she’s an adult now and shouldn’t live such a rigid life as she had, and came back and drank the entire bowl one shot.To her shock, they played the game again, and made her drink another bowl. She claimed she wasn’t drunk, even after two bowls, but the other members all teased her that she was drunk.She insisted she wasnt’ drunk, but that she pretended to be drunk so her unnies would allow her to retreat to her room.


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