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1 vs. 100 (Yoona Cut) [2010.02.09]
7 Octave (Yuri Cut) [2007.11.28]
100 Points Out Of 100 EP 02 – Yuri Cut [2010.12.04]
1000 Challenge Songs (Tiffany & Yuri Cut) [2009.05.17]


Beatles Code, The
Big Brothers EP 01 [2011.09.21]

Cafe Event BTS EP 01 [2008.01.09]
Cafe Event BTS EP 02 [2008.01.10]
Cafe Event BTS EP 03 [2008.01.10]
CBS 12 Midnight [2008.04.26]
Channel SNSD
Cheer Up!
Cool Kiz on the Block
Cool Kiz on the Block – Cool Kiz vs. the Global Team [2015.08.11]
Cool Kiz on the Block – Cool Kiz vs. 3-generation Namyangju Team [2015.08.18]
Cool Kiz on the Block – Cool Kiz vs. SSAT [2015.08.25]
Cool Kiz on the Block – Yoga with Yuri and Cool Kiz. vs. Celebrity Team [2015.09.01]
Cool Kiz on the Block – Outdoor Training and TIMCO [2015.09.08]
Cool Kiz on the Block – Training with Jang Yesol [2015.09.15]
Cool Kiz on the Block – Cool Kiz vs. Siblings’ Team [2015.09.22]
Cool Kiz on the Block – The Cool Kiz Swimming Festival [2015.09.29]

Dalgona EP 17 (Hyoyeon, Yuri & Sooyoung)
Discovery of Trends (Sooyoung Cut) [2013.02.01]
Dr. Wide News – V-Day Special (SNSD) [2008.02.14]


Enjoy Today EP 1089 [2010.12.12]
Every1 Flower Boy Generation [2009.08.04]

Factory Girl
Family Entertainment
Family Game
Family Outing
Feel Good Mission (Sunny, Hyoyeon, Yuri & Seohyun) [2009.08.05]
Fuji TV Waratte Iitomo

Get It Beauty – Talking Mirror
Girls Go To School
Global Talk Show [2009.08.10]
Good Daddy EP 10 (Tiffany & Yuri) [2009.01.10]
Guerrilla Date
Guerrilla Date [2012.04.07]

Happy Together
Healing Camp
Heart A Tag
Hello Baby
Horror Movie Factory
Hyoyeon’s 1 Million Likes
Happy Together (SNSD Parody) [2007.11.22]
Happy Together S3 EP126 [2009.12.03]
Happy Together S3 EP172 [2010.11.11]
Happy Together S3 EP227 [2011.12.15]


Idol Army Show S3 EP 8 [2009.01.22]
Immortal Musical Classics (Taeyeon) [2008.12.21]
Infinite Challenge
Intimate Note
Invincible Youth
Introducing A Star’s Friend (Sooyoung) [2009.02.07]
Introducing A Star’s Friend [2009.02.27]


Jessica & Krystal
Joy See You Later (Sunny cut) [2009.02.24]


Lee Seunggi Ideal Type World Cup (Yuri & Seohyun Cut) [2009.10.04]


Kko Kko Tour


Lee Hana’s Peppermint [2009.02.14]
Let’s Go Dream Team S2 EP 106 [2011.11.13]
Love Request EP 646 (SNSD Cut) [2011.09.17]
Lucky 50 Million


M! Countdown Begins (TTS)
Makeup Forever Aqua Brow Hyoyeon’s Eyebrow Tips
Mecha-Mecha Iketeru
Miraculous Victory And Defeat
Midnight TV EP 452 (SNSD & Sooyoung MC Cut) [2014.03.05]
MTV Girls on Top 2 EP 11 (Yoona) [2010.01.16]
MTV Girls on Top EP 10 (Yoona) [2010.01.09]
MTV Playlist EP 03 (Seohyun) [2011.11.15]
MBCevery1 Flower Boy Generation – Jessica, Sunny, & Hyoyeon [2009.07.28]
Midnight TV Entertainment EP 290 [2010.11.11]
Night Star EP 03 (Jessica, Sunny, Hyoyeon & Sooyoung Cut) [2010.06.06]


Nam Heesuk and Choi Eun Kyung’s Free Time Show (Yoona) [2008.12.04]
Night Star EP 27 [2011.28.10]
Night Star EP 28 [2010.12.05]
NTV Live Monster [2014.01.19]


People Looking for Smiles
Prime SNSD Arena Tour Just Before The Broadcast Special [2013.06.01]
PKL’s Wonderful Outing [2008.01.12]
PKL’s Wonderful Outing [2008.04.05]
PKL’s Wonderful Outing [2007.11.23]


Radio Star
Radio Star EP 256 [2011.11.09]
Right Now It’s Girls’ Generation EP 01[2010.04.10]
Right Now It’s Girls’ Generation EP 02 [2010.04.17]
Running Man
Running Man EP 16 (Yuri Cut) [2010.10.31]
Running Man EP 04 (Jessica Cut) [2010.08.01]
Running Man EP 05 (Jessica Cut) [2010.08.08]


Sang Sang Plus
SBS Gayo Daejun 2008 Hit Song Parade (Big Bang & SNSD) [2008.12.29]
Shinhwa Broadcast EP 47 [2013.02.10]
Shinhwa Broadcast EP 48 [2013.02.17]
SNSD’s Romantic Fantasy [2013.01.01]
SNSD UCC – Seohyun [2007.07.19]
SNSD UCC – Jessica [2007.07.19]
SNSD UCC – Yuri [2007.07.19]
SNSD UCC – Hyoyeon [2007.07.19]
SNSD UCC – Taeyeon [2007.07.19]
SNSD UCC – Tiffany [2007.07.19]
SNSD UCC – Yoona [2007.07.19]
SNSD UCC – Sunny [2007.07.19]
SNSD UCC – Sooyoung [2007.07.19]
Sonyeon Sonyeo Gayo Baekso
Star Golden Bell
Star Junior Show [2009.07.04]
Star King
Star King [2008.02.09]
Star King EP 191 [2011.27.10]
Star King [2009.02.22]
Star King [2009.07.18]
Star King EP 62 [2008.04.05]
Star King [2007.09.15]
Star King EP 201 (Tiffany Cut) [2011.02.05]
Star Life Theater EP 09 [2011.11.21]
Star Life Theater EP 10 [2011.11.22]
Star Life Theater EP 11 [2011.11.23]
Star Life Theater EP 12 [2011.11.24]
Star Song Relay [2008.04.30]
Star Watch 24 (Tiffany) [2008.01.18]
Strong Heart (SNSD Cuts)
Sweet Night EP 04 [2010.01.31]
Sweet Night EP 05 [2010.02.07]


Taiikukai TV
Taxi EP 239 (Jessica Cut) [2012.05.17]
The Return of Superman EP 95 [2015.09.20]

V Live SNSD EP 01 – pending review
V Live SNSD EP 02 – pending review
V Live SNSD EP 03 – pending review
V Live SNSD EP 04 (ft. Irene) [2015.08.21] – pending review
V Live SNSD EP 05 [2015.08.22] – pending review
V Live SNSD EP 06 [2015.08.23] – pending review
V Live SNSD EP 07 [2015.08.25] – pending review
V Live SNSD EP 08 [2015.08.25] – pending review
Vivid Information

We Got Married
Win Win
Win Win EP 02 [2010.02.09]
Win Win EP 03 [2010.02.16]
Win Win EP 16 (Taeyeon & Wonder Girls) [2010.05.25]
Wonderful Outing 2 EP 02 [2008.04.12]
Wonderful Outing 2 EP 03 [2008.04.19]
Wonderful Outing 2 EP 04 [2008.04.26]

YTN Star Today [2008.01.28]
YHY’s Sketchbook
YHY’s Sketchbook [2009.07.31]
YHY’s Sketchbook (Full) [2015.09.18]

Come To Play SMTOWN Special EP 344 [2011.06.27]
Boom the K-Pop EP 01 [2011.07.14]
Boom the K-Pop EP 02 [2011.07.21]
Ha Ddang Sa EP 20 (Sunny & Hyoyeon Cut) [2010.02.28]
SBS Shin Dongyup’s 300 EP 19 (Sooyoung Cut) [2010.03.14]
MBC Taehee Hyekyo Jihyun (Jessica & Sunny Cut) [2009.08.26]
Come To Play EP 320 [2011.01.03]
Story Show Rock EP 25 [2010.05.04]
Channel SNSD EP 05 [2015.08.18]
Right Now It’s Girls’ Generation EP 03 [2010.04.24]
Right Now It’s Girls’ Generation EP 04 [2010.05.01]


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    • Nicehost 8 years ago

      that is not publicly released yet. it was provided as advanced screening for the ssf forum members for 24 hours.

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      it seems that the videos were taken down. we’ll try to get around to fixing that when we have the time. stay tuned ^_^

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    • JongYoon16 8 years ago

      Dangerous Boys is still there. Just need to click on a different server than the one it shows first. ^^ Have fun watching it. It’s hilarious and just heart warming also.

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      sweetie, we’re not taking requests yet. we’ll be putting up a request page so you can get a proper request in the forums.

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      Hi, we aren’t taking requests yet. We’ll be sure to announce a venue for people to leave their requests in the comments in the future.

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      You can find the taetiseo in subbed. Hope this helps

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      Dangerous boys? Yes. The official subtitles will be posted first. soshisubs has only subtitled the first episode.

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