Star Life Theater EP 09 [2011.11.21]

Published on November 21, 2011 by Nicehost


Project 567! This a mini documentary of the everyday lives of our girls. This episode follows the girls backstage during their first comeback stage for The Boys and their trip to New York for SM Town. And Yuri and Sooyoung make the best of their limited time at University. Don’t miss these and the following episodes to see another side of the girls we don’t see often. Enjoy!

– kiseki

Translator: soshi00
Spot Translators: taengbear, typicalharu
Timer: xiswen
Screentext Timer: lai.
Editor: Engel
Encoder: kiseki

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  • Spyro115 11 months ago

    can someone upload this episode please

  • Taengoo 7 years ago

    how to download this video?

  • Elly 7 years ago

    Coogartulatinns (early!) to everyone. How exciting! My daughter and my brother's daughter are 6 days apart. They are now 19, but still have a very special bond being so close.Enjoy!Pam

  • soshiyulfan 7 years ago

    awww my baby yuri and sooyoung they really are down to earth. :)))


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