Passionate Love EP 01 [2013.09.28]

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Published on October 8, 2015 by Nicehost


Project 656! Seohyun’s first ever drama appearance! ^^ Her character in this drama is Han Yurim, a veterinary science university student. Seohyun’s acting in this drama so far is very adorable. It’s a must watch for Seohyun’s fans as well as every SONE 馃檪
Seohyun only appears in 5 episodes, so we’ll try to sub her cuts as fast as we can 馃檪 We’ll update when we finish subbing Ep.03-05 cuts. For now, enjoy the Seohyun cuts subs for Ep.01 & 02. Cheers~

– hangthienbao

Translators: SNSDDani, thatssosoo
Timer: SNSDDani, pink_tokkyu
Spots Translator: thatssosoo, minigigglo
Editors: pink_tokkyu, bhost909
Encoder: hangthienbao

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  • Patel 8 years ago

    First, I liked the song from the start. I’ve only seen the video once and the MuBank from this weekend, but I’ve lteesnid to it a good number of times. Oh, and the rest of the album are solid maybe 8 and 9 are a little beneath the rest, but whatever.Over the past year I was mighty impressed by the choreography in their Japanese perf pieces, in particular Paparazzi. This song’s choreo, I think, carries along that through line there is much movement, sort of a decentralized focus (during a split part, they even face at an angle to the audience) and high demands on precision. However, I usually feel that their Japanese releases occupy a different space in the minds of their fans especially ROK fans and so that may be why that through line is under-appreciated (I think it is, anyway).I remember at least the FIESTAR song, that latest release of theirs from late 2012, also had a structure like a run-on sentence watching the IGAB video for the first time, I thought See? This is how you do a song like that. In short, IGAB is well-executed, while the FIESTAR song feels disjointed (I know some people think IGAB is disjointed too, but I won’t argue that point). When Dancing Queen was revealed, I thought they went back to an older look just to prove they could still go there and make it look good. So I also thought of IGAB as GG picking up on a minor trend and saying We can make this look good. I guess it’s not easy that is, a without a certain level of experience of the world to appreciate if you haven’t yet gone through similar things, but young adults are still in the process of going from the life of a child to the life of an adult only the differences between the two phases are more immediate, more pressing. It’s like getting married too young maybe you find someone you really like, and you two hit off your marriage on a great start, but after a while your human heart longs to understand more of the world but you don’t know how to deal with that because you never saw much of the world, of yourself, outside of the context of your marriage. Kudos to all y’all who are already on board with GG doing different things, but for those others, the Girls really do need to live out their lives as performers, this means doing things that will spark their interest, trying out songs and concepts that stimulate the creative centers of their brains. And, if they keep at it, after some time of exploration, they will then have the ability to return to known territories, but with their breadth of experience, execute those familiar things even better.People need sameness, they also need newness. We don’t really get to choose what stays the same and what doesn’t. You oughta enjoy both.In closing, yes, without the fans, GG (or any performer) wouldn’t have their success, their fame, their careers. But if GG didn’t go up on that stage and do what they do in the first place, the fans wouldn’t have GG either.

    • Trinity 7 years ago

      Debora Pereira comentou em 22 de agosto de 2012 脙聽s 13:16. Aline Reis e Cristiane Tavares adorei seus co脙irtm隆neos. Ju Freitas, em rela脙搂脙拢o a m脙潞sica tema para o RIO – 2016,concordo com Zeca Camargo,em “A festa 脙漏 nossa”, ao sugerir Tudo Azul – Lulu Santos, essa m脙潞sica descreve fielmente nossa cultura.


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