Miraculous Victory And Defeat [2008.03.02]

Published on March 2, 2008 by Nicehost


MVAD. This show literally aired this morning, by US time, and yet we were still able to release it for the our Soshified Fans. It was actually pretty good, the Word Game was def. the highlight of the show. Even though there was very little air time for Yoona/Tiffany, overall good show to watch. Other special guests include DBSK’s Yunho, Changmin , and Junsu, Tim, and Park Hyun Bin. Pink Subs FTW!

Translators : s2_qlcsk, ak6c, S0nnyS1d3Up, jstn, bug
Editor : Soy
Timer : Soy
Encoder : slyph

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