MBC Star Bizarre Theater: Oh My! [2009.02.22]

Published on October 14, 2015 by Nicehost


Project 231! This whole sketch is hilarious~! We get hilarious drunken Yoona and Yuri and another segment with Yuri, Sooyoung and Fany. Both clips are super cute and after you watch the first one with the lead as Yoona, you’ll be thankful her new drama didn’t make her cut her hair that short! Drunken Yoona is exceptionally cute. One of the most amusing clips I’ve seen lately! Pink subs FTW~

– Kanki

Translator: xyiseul
Editor: xliSh
Timers: kirra12 & jdong
Spot Translator: bossa747
Encoder: renesis

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  • Priya 8 years ago

    i don’t know if there is a better cotbanamionthin snsd and christmas. snsd and anythingis awesome, but christmas just tops the list.girls, this performance exemplifies the hope,generousity, and merriment that goes into theholiday season. i wish all the girls and all ofsone a very safe and merry christmas. i hopeyou get to enjoy it with those closest to you.and to all, a happy new year as well!!! 🙂

    • Wilhelmina 7 years ago

      I really wish there were more arceltis like this on the web.


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