Kko Kko Tour S1 EP 04 (Tiffany) [2008.10.12]

Published on October 12, 2008 by Nicehost



Project 148! Urgh this one was really delayed but we still got it out to you guys. Hopefully you enjoy the subs. We’re really out of timers & screentext people. I know people are getting addicted to the show and a bit antsy, but remember we’re doing this for free. We have other bigger obligations, such as school & work, so our subs can be a bit inconsistent. Pink Subs Ftw~

– Soy

Translator: FanyLove, chiaroscuro., xyiseul
Editor: Soy
Timer: SlashIzzy, Misa
Spot Translator: wondersoshi
Encoder: Lynd

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