Kko Kko Tour S1 EP 01 (Tiffany) [2008.09.21]

Published on September 21, 2008 by Nicehost



Project 130! So Tiffany & Taeyeon’s show aired around the same time, so we put the two teams against each other, looks like the winner was Team Kko, but FO wasn’t too far behind. This episode was kind of short, but the show is supposedly going to be like ‘Love Letter’, so I’m hoping the next few episodes with Fany will be more fun. But Tiffany’s hair during the episode was love~ Also she wore the Soshified Watch, so that is basically ownage as well. Other guests include Shin Junghwan, Tak Jaehoon, Jung Siah, Amy, Park Jungah, Hong Inyoung, Shin Dongwook, Lee Minwoo, Tim, Moon Sungmin, & Gil. Remember to comment so we can see how many people are interested in this video~ Pink Subs Ftw~

– Soy

Translators: FanyLove, sunneej, joeMAmaaaaa, & pandapuchuu
Spot Translator: boxclub
Editor: Soy
Timer: __`b4by & Kanki
Encoder: Lynd

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