Ha Ddang Sa EP 20 (Sunny & Hyoyeon Cut) [2010.02.28]

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Published on September 30, 2015 by Nicehost


Project 541! This is an old episode of Ha Ddang Sa (a gag variety show) from 2010, around the time of Oh! promotions. Sunny gives a lesson in aegyo that calls for a punch, and Hyoyeon shows her dance skills! Oh Jungtae, the MC who intervened in the incident at Angel Price Music Festival in April 2011, also appears for a short segment. Pink subs ftw~

– cedge

Translators: jjookjjookbangbang, Meehyun
Spot Translator: taengbear
Timer: MinatoKai
Screentext Timer: tofu
Editor: sarahbot
Encoder: Jimmy6

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