Family Outing EP 82 (Tiffany) [2010.01.24]

Published on January 24, 2010 by Nicehost



Project 378! It’s finally out! This project is truly a labour of love – the number of hours that we put into this is massive. I personally spent at least a good 16 hours in total working on this, and I’m just one of the many people that was involved.
This episode is as entertaining as always, but don’t expect to see too much of Tiffany on it, as a lot of the episode focuses on the Daesung-Jiyoung and Jongkook-Hyori couplings. However, our mushroom does do something (a good thing) that I personally found really unexpected, since all the programs I’ve watched in the past seemed to indicate that she wasn’t capable of it. Rofl, am I confusing you? It’s tough to talk about a moment in the show without spoiling it.

Enjoy, and remember to leave a comment! Pink subs ftw~

– cedge

Translators: soshi00, kkbluvv, typicalharu
Spot Translator: cathode
Timers: cedge, Jenny ♥, Holly
ST Timer: krnpoprocks
Editors: cedge, invisibelle
Encoder: Young Buck


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